More Lexus Genius

Cool tool on their website shows the progression of data points.


Good ‘ole Lexus, their marketing makes me happy once again! I’ve seen their latest commercial about their superior crash test dummy, and I think it’s a great strategy.

First, they’re reenforcing the message that they are superior to their competitors. Not only do they use superior designs, they use superior testing methods. Since their tests give them more information, they can further improve their design. By highlighting the differences in the testing dummies, Lexus makes the customer question the founding assumptions made by competitors. How do you know that your car’s design can really handle that crash? If you’ve got a Lexus, you know that the superior testing practices have proven that your car is safe.

Second, Lexus shows that they pay attention to ALL the details, not just the look or luxurious feel of the car. Many of their competitors focus on a single feature, like safety or reliability, but Lexus’ new commercial shows that they’re focusing on all your driving needs. Each of their marketing campaigns show an increased attention to detail on a specific feature. The first campaign I mentioned, showcased Lexus’ acknowledgement of the need for convenience, with a secondary nod to the aspirational quality of their product.  Many of their billboards highlight the beauty of the design, with artistic shots of the car on a simple black background… it’s just gorgeous! This campaign shows their commitment to providing the highest quality in safety, and showcases their engineering prowess.

Finally, they follow it up with a great website. Their Engineering Amazing portal takes you to interactive tools, and shows you the science behind their superior crash test dummy.They engage the user on the site, and back up the claims in their commercials with data. It showcases not only the beauty in the design of the cars, but the beauty and precision in the design of everything Lexus touches, which instills more confidence in the customer that they’ve made the right choice in buying a Lexus.

Once again, Lexus delivers a knock-out campaign. Every interaction is professional, with a pin-pointed message to target their customer’s every need.

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