Great Blog Articles

My husband is an avid blog-reader, and came across a blog by Paul Graham. He sent over the following links for my reading pleasure:


Can I just say much I enjoyed reading these articles? I relate to each one, and I love the in-depth analysis on determination, loving what you do, and what it means to be wealthy.

The first link talks about the anatomy of determination, and how willfulness, ambition, balance, and discipline figure into the “equation” of determination. If you’ve ever wondered why you are determined but unsuccessful, this article may help change your course of action.

The second link sends you to an article titled “How To Do What You Love”. This post delves into the paradox between work and play that is set up by our society. From an early age, we teach children that work and play are separate, and that work is necessity, while play is for enjoyment. Then, as the years progress, we tell to them to “find a job that they love”. This is an oxymoron for most, because they’ve been raised to believe that the two are mutually exclusive. Take a look at this post and see how you feel about finding a way to do what you love.

The last link discusses different definitions of wealth, and what it means to be truly wealthy. The author implies that money does not make someone wealthy, but rather the power to do what he wants makes him truly wealthy. If this is the case, money is just a tool, so chasing after money is really chasing after the wrong goal. After reading this article, you may change your view of wealth.

I really enjoyed these articles by Paul Graham, and I highly encourage you to take the time to read and think about the concepts he develops in each of these blog posts.