Speaking and Writing and Interviewing, Oh My!

Despite 2020 being the most insane year ever with all the terrible things, I’ve actually been busy with awesome things! I spoke at several conferences, participated in several podcast and webinar interviews, and contributed a couple of articles to various outlets. Here’s a few highlights:

Content Marketing Conference: I was supposed to speak in-person at CMC in Boston, but they made it a virtual-only event. I reprised my session,
“Beyond the Editorial Calendar: New Rules of Content Strategy”. I also participated in a 3-hour content planning workshop, sharing the narrative and distribution frameworks from the content playground. The full session is available with a paid pass to CMC365, and the above recap links are available free and un-gated.

Inbound Success Podcast: It was a busy spring, as I interviewed with Kathleen Booth about content strategy and marketing in general. We talked about the content playground, how to allocate resources if you’re a small team, and metrics and tracking. The episode is free and un-gated if you want to listen!

How and Why to Use LinkedIn Articles: I wrote an article for MarketingProfs on incorporating long-form articles into your LinkedIn content strategy, complete with real-world examples from several companies and colleagues. The article is free and un-gated with a MarketingProfs account.

Write engaging social media copy: Another piece for MarketingProfs! This post includes tips, tropes, and examples to write engaging copy for social media. The article is free and un-gated with a MarketingProfs account.

INBOUND 2020: I was THRILLED when I found out my session on thought leadership was accepted to INBOUND this year! Alas, the event also went digital. I ended up recording a free 15-minute audio-only session on thought leadership and participating in a live debate on gated vs. un-gated content. I also shared a debate recap on LinkedIn, complete with a 2-minute video and a 2,600-word article, so choose your depth! The on-demand version of the debate requires a paid pass to view, but the audio session and recap are both available free and un-gated.

Ascent Conference: I’m excited to see growing interest in the content playground! The organizers of Ascent Conference reached out to ask me to present my session on the new rules of content strategy, and it’s available with a free general pass using the code ASHLEYGENFREE.

It’s been a busy few months! I’ve got one more speaking engagement locked in before the end of the year, MarketingProfs B2B Forum in November. I’m excited to share more details about my thought leadership framework!

Happy Weekend!

I’ve got a busy weekend planned, complete with homework, chores, and a CHL class! That’s right, I’ll be heading to class with a Glock to learn how to handle it properly… become one with the gun, that will be my motto this weekend. Here’s what I’m reading:


For those looking to travel cheap: Workaway

For those dealing with workplace conflict, via The Daily Muse: 3 Times It’s Better to Take the High Road

For those going through a career transition, via Corporette: How to Campaign for the Job You Already Have

For those in the freelance game, via The New Professional: The Halfway Point (an Honest Look)


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Finally Friday!

I’m so excited to kick-off this weekend, because it’s the start to my Spring Break! I’m hoping to enjoy some nice weather, time with my husband, and “re-charging” in general, as I’m starting to approach burn-out. Here’s a few great reads to prepare for the weekend:


For the frugal, via Mr. Money Mustache: Fruality: the New Fanciness

For the networkers, via Daily Muse: 8 Ways to Stand Out at a Career Fair

For the marketers, via HBR: Why Social Marketing is so Hard

For the job seeker, via Corporette: How Many Jobs Can One Have During a Short Period of Time?


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Happy Friday!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a link round-up, but I’ve been so busy in real life, I haven’t had much time to lurk in the blogosphere! However, I’ve read some great articles this week, so here’s a few links to kick off your weekend:


For the small business owner, via Jeremy & Kathleen: Indie Shopography: A Real Life Workshop for Your Small Business

For the job seeker, via Daily Muse: What You Really Need to Apply for a Job-And What You Don’t

For those in salary negotiations, via Open Forum: 3 Salary Negotiation Secrets You Probably Missed

For those intending to cook at home more often, via How Sweet It Is: New Recipes (fair warning: DO NOT look at this blog while you’re hungry, you’ll just be torturing yourself!)


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Finally Friday

Whew! This has been one crazy month, and I’m excited that the weekend will commence in just a few hours. So, here’s a few links to kick off the weekend:


For the job seeker, via Daily Muse: 4 Ways to Defeat Job Search Desperation

For those needing a boost, in honor of World Happy Day: The Happy Movie

For those with an ethical dilemma, via FrauTech: Whistle Blowers and Heroes

In case you missed it, my Daily Muse article on Forbes: 4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Put on Your Resume


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Happy Friday!

It’s been a great week of productivity at the office and mental stimulation for the fourth semester of my MBA, and I’m ready to kick off the weekend! Here’s what I’m reading:


For the cube dweller, via Daily Muse: Think Outside the Cube

For the internet generation, via Wikipedia: English Wikipedia SOPA Blackout (note that the blackout is over, but check out their standing on SOPA)

For those with New Year’s Resolutions, via Mr. Money Mustache: How To Be Slim

For the presenters, via Seth’s Blog: Your Voice Will Give You Away


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Friday For All!

This week has moved pretty quickly, and I’m kicking off my last weekend of true freedom before school starts. Here’s a few great reads:


For the designers, via Braid Creative: Imitation vs. Inspiration

For those looking to exit the game, via MMM Blog: The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement

For the marketers, via Daily Muse: Word-of-Mouth Marketing Secrets from Mastermind Saul Colt

For the writers, via Forbes: Want to Co-Author My Next Column? Let’s Collaborate!


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Happy Friday!

It’s been a little difficult to get back in the swing of things, but at least it was only a 4-day workweek! I’ll be enjoying one of my last free weekends before school starts, so here’s some great reads to kick off a great weekend!


For the freelancers and independent consultants, via Jeremy&Kathleen: When to Work for Free

For the job seeker, via JobJenny blog (great blog, highly recommend browsing through!): Oh you love shoes and sports, do you?

For the marketer, via Seth’s Blog: A Hundred Little Things

For the busy professional, via Corporette: The Perfect Planner/Calendar


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Merry Christmas Weekend!

I’m enjoying my time in Florida with my husband’s family, and I’ll have some new posts after Christmas. I’ll be unplugged from the blog, but I’ve got a scheduled post or two coming your way. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!


For the marketer, via Forbes: The Most Unforgettable Ad Campaigns of 2011

For the corporate culture, via Seth’s Blog: The Difference Between a Failure and a Mistake

In case you missed it, my latest post on The Daily Muse: Five Love Languages: Business Edition


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Happy Friday!

“Another opnin’ of another show!” Yes, readers, my show opens tonight, and I’ve got 5 performances this weekend! I’ll be singing, acting, and dancing my heart out all weekend, and I’ll have some interesting posts next week. What are you up to this weekend?


In case you missed it, my guest post on Corporette: 360 Review: Dr. Megan Hunt

For those thinking about education and opportunity, via Forbes: If I was a Poor Black Kid and the rebuttals Trolling the Internet

For the internet savvy, via Seth’s Blog: The Trap of Social Media Noise

For those who want to see the show, check out the live stream of the performance this weekend: “A Christmas Carol” live stream


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