Lexus Genius

My dad was telling me about this awesome deal that Lexus has made with the AT&T Performing Arts Center and Cowboys Stadium: all patrons who drive their Lexus to the event receive free, prime-location parking! Let’s talk for a minute about the genius Marketing person over at Lexus, shall we?

First, this is a multi-win situation for the event venue, Lexus, and patrons, which always means that a Marketing person has done their job. The event venue receives guaranteed revenue in the form of paid advertising and profits from the partnership contract. Lexus receives an added bonus for their potential customers by offering a unique package to offer those who might be on the fence between luxury brands. They also receive a captive audience for their advertising message.  Patrons receive the tangible perks of less walking and less “nickel-and-diming”, and the intangible perks of the prestige associated with driving a Lexus and parking in VIP.

Second, this unique advertising keeps Lexus “top of mind” for potential customers. Event tickets can be a pricey purchase, and those with season tickets should fall right into the Lexus target market. Each time they attend an event, they not only see the Lexus signage, but also the perks of driving a Lexus to the event. The next time they go to purchase a car, they’ll think of the cars they see being driven by their peers. Especially if these people are attending multiple events per week, Lexus has created a captive audience for their message.

Third, the word-of-mouth buzz is great! Can you imagine all the other people sitting in the box seats talking about their VIP parking because they drive a Lexus? Or the patrons insisting they take the Lexus to the event because of the parking benefits? It stands to reason that Lexus owners would be happy to spread the word about this perk to their peers, or daughters, in my case. It also gives the Lexus sales team another angle to pitch to potential customers, again separating them from other manufacturers.

When my dad told me about this “promotion”, I knew I had to post about it. I think this is a genius move on the part of Lexus and the event venues, and it’s a Marketing strategy that creates more value for the customer.

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