Morale Boost

Last week, I showed you some options for picture arrangements in my office. I’m nearing completion on my task to decorate the office, as requested by our Big Bosses. It’s a little funny how it’s all worked out, as many people in the office found it to be a really low-priority project. But now that things are starting to go up on the walls, the response has been great! People are dropping by my office to see what goodies were delivered for their corner of the office, joining me to stare at the wall and contemplate arrangements, and asking if I’ve got anything coming for that one wall right by their office. It’s turned out to be a great morale boost, and several people have told me that they appreciate the new art.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much something matters until you actually have it, and the little things make a huge difference in work and office satisfaction. Many companies do “morale events”, from monthly birthdays to certificates for good work. These events may seem a little silly, but they make a huge difference. Think about it: do you feel better or worse about your efforts if someone tells you “thank you”? Do you enjoy the office more or less with pictures on the wall? These boosts help motivate a dejected employee, inspire a bored employee, and make an under-appreciated employee feel like someone notices, and someone cares. I know I’m inspired when I walk into the office in the morning and see a gorgeous 30″x30″ engine staring at me! And all the compliments on my choice of decor? It’s a nice boost to my self-esteem.

So, if you’re a boss, do something nice for your employees… bring in donuts one morning, and your productivity might just sky-rocket. Say “thanks” to a colleague today, and let them know you appreciate their work… you’ll be surprised how much better their work on your projects becomes.

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