Happy Friday!

This week has been a mix of fast-and-furious and slow waiting. I had a mid-term exam in my Buyer Behavior class, started round 2 of Accounting, and received a number of promo packages and proofs at work. This weekend is birthday celebrations with two family members, and some singing! Whew… what a week! On another note, if you find the time, I highly recommend a browse through the following links:

For my fellow marketing nerds, via Forbes: BRILLIANT Multi-brand partnership

For my fellow students, via ERE blog: Thoughts on Education

For those who were unsatisfied with the “Oscar All Access” offering from ABC, via Mashable: Get A Refund

For the blogosphere, via Employed Panache: Photo Job Shadow (I’ll have my contribution on the blog next week!)

For all those who buy from Amazon, via WSJ: The latest on out-of-state taxes for online retailers

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