Photo Job Shadow Project

A big thanks to Nicole at EmployedPanache for inspiring and sharing the Photo Job Shadow Project! The premise is to take pictures throughout your day to give some insight into what your job looks like. So, here’s a quick look at my day as a Marketing Coordinator.

I skipped all the waking up and getting ready, but that usually happens from 7:04 am until 7:37 am… I’ll spare you the details!

8:00 am: Arrive at the office and grab some coffee and a granola bar to be consumed while checking and answering my e-mail.

Email, Coffee and Granola Bar at 8:00 am

9:00 am: Go through the different magazines for the month and verify our ads were placed and run correctly. After verification, compare invoice information to the Media Plan to ensure accuracy. Approve the invoices and deliver the invoices to the Accounting Department for payment.

Verifying ad placements in various publications

10:30 am: Continue work on a PowerPoint Presentation for the Sales Team.

Creating the sales presentation in PowerPoint

11:00 am: Realize I don’t have all the pictures that I need for the sales presentation, so I head out for a mini photo-shoot! (Logos have been intentionally blurred)

Company logo for sales team presentation

12:00 pm: Finished the photo shoot and picked up a super healthy and nutritious lunch from Taco Cabana, minus the healthy and nutritious part! Checked to see if my grades were posted yet while enjoying my enchiladas… STILL no grades posted.

Delicious enchiladas from Taco Cabana!

1:00 pm: Our tabletop booth was delivered, so I can check the new graphics we just received! This booth will be sent to a tradeshow in about one month, so I’m hoping the graphics are perfect (just as they were in the proof I verified a month ago).

Tabletop Booth

1:45 pm: Graphics are hung, and they look great! One of the magnets on the booth hardware isn’t sticking very well, so I’ve got to ask the manufacturer about replacing it. (Logos have been intentionally blurred)

Booth graphics!

2:00 pm: Unpacking a few shipments of company promotional items. I’m in charge of the promotional room, so it’s like Christmas every few weeks in my office!

Organizing the promotional room

3:00 pm: Pulling pricing for more promotional items, it’s an on-going process!

Checking quotes for promotional pricing

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm: Edit the pictures from the mini photo-shoot, answer more e-mail, accept more packages, then head home!

My schedule is never the same from day to day, and it’s always a balancing act! It’s also pretty cyclical, this week was verifying and unpacking all the orders, which means that a few weeks prior it was designing and proofing everything. The most challenging aspects of my job are keeping the priorities straight, and managing the relationships with our vendors and suppliers. I enjoy the fast pace and variety of projects in my position as a Marketing Coordinator.

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