Is This Real Life?

Kileen, Ashley (Me), and Angeline (thanks to Angeline's husband for the photo!)


I had the pleasure of meeting some bloggers this weekend in real life, so I thought I’d post a picture. Angeline, from The New Professional, is taking a cross-country adventure to make the move for her husband’s new job, and she and her husband stopped in the Dallas area for a few nights. Kileen, from Cute and Little, joined us for some coffee and conversation. This is my first blogger meet-up, and it was really cool to meet both of these ladies in person. It’s definitely a little odd, because you feel like you know them from reading their blogs, but you haven’t actually met. We had some great discussions about world travels, job opportunities, and housing options. It was great to connect with these two talented bloggers in person, and I look forward to more meet-ups in the future!

One thought on “Is This Real Life?

  1. Angeline

    Woohoo! It was great meeting you, too. Meeting Internet friends gets easier the more often you do it (that’s from experience) so I hope you get to go to more meet ups!


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