Less is More

Blue jersey dress, knit blazer, black pumps
Versatile pendant necklace


Like the outfit? See more details here!

You probably remember this dress from the Day to Dinner post a few weeks back, and I must say, I need to buy this dress in more colors! The fit and comfort are prefect for the rapidly approaching summer months in Texas, and I’m bringing it out on the blog once more. The minimalist closet challenges have been taking the blogging world by storm, with shopping bans, limiting the number of pieces from which to create an ensemble, and generally doing more with less. Everyone says reducing the clutter in their closet has made getting dressed in the morning a much simpler task. I’ve always been a closet minimalist, at least compared to the other women in my family. My husband thinks I have a ton of clothes, but it’s not even close to what my sister keeps! I think the “less is more” trend is something that marketers should keep in mind. It’s not just clothes, but houses, cars, and stuff in general. I’m wondering if this trend is largely attributable to the recession, or just burn-out on the “American dream”. We’re realizing that maybe experiences are worth more than a huge house, a closet full of clothes, or steak dinners every night. The flip side could also be that people are opting for higher quality items, and thus increasing the longevity of their items. Particularly for business wear, the fashions aren’t going to change so drastically that you must buy the latest season’s trends in order to look nice. So, following the less is more mantra, it seems like a lot of people are purchasing more expensive, enduring items, and then just changing up a few elements. Are you going “less is more”? Like the outfit? See more details here!

2 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. Ashley, I couldn’t agree more! I think you know that I’m in the process of moving, and as I pack up, my “to sell or donate” pile of clothing keeps growing and growing. I’m pulling articles of clothing out my closet and drawers and getting progressively annoyed with myself that I’ve hoarded so much since we last moved. My goal is to shrink my wardrobe to only high quality, multi-functioning items. This way, most clothing can be work to work or on the weekend, and can be mixed and matched with each other with ease.

    So in conclusion to my babble, I think you’re doing a great job of re-mixing your wardrobe! Tell your hubby that you can afford a new dress since you’ll definitely get good use out of it 🙂


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