Day to Dinner


Wearing a structured blazer for the office
No blazer (and no cami in real life) for dinner


My fun new heels...great for day OR dinner!

Dress: Ross

Khaki Blazer: NY & Co.

Heels: Sam & Libby, via DSW Shoe Warehouse

Necklace: Forever 21

Earrings: Target

Like the outfit? See more details here!



I think we can all agree that sometimes you need to take a break from the corporate life! Granted, that break may only be a dinner date, but still, a break is needed. Now that summer is creeping in, I’m ready to enjoy some evenings with my husband. But, between work and class (and attempting to get to the gym!), sometimes the easiest thing is to meet at a restaurant right after work. I’ve found my new summer obsession to be jersey dresses, as they work well for my business casual office and for my after-work commitments. They’re comfortable and breathable, both essential qualities in the Texas heat. So, how do I take my new favorite items from day to dinner?

Modesty. My main concern is making sure that my “dinner” look doesn’t creep into my “day” look. I’ve found that some people think these looks are the same, but I must disagree. I’ve talked about buying into the illusion, and that modesty is one part of the reason to dress in “business” clothes. For this dress, I usually add a cardigan or blazer to make sure that the thinner straps are office-appropriate. I also make sure that my hemlines skim my knees in the front AND the back (checking the length in the back is critical!), to ensure that the casual fabric doesn’t overshadow an otherwise office-appropriate dress.

Balance. I also try to make sure that if I’m wearing a dress made of casual fabric, I raise the formality of my other pieces. For example, I’m wearing nude heels and a structured blazer to tone down the effect of the flowy, light-weight dress. If you’re wearing a more casual T-shirt, you might consider pairing it with a pencil skirt and conservative pumps to make sure that you balance out the casual feel of an outfit.

Conservative. For office looks, I think it’s best to stay conservative with jewelry and make-up, and then swap these out for bolder statements for dinner. Maybe you can plan to swap out a nude lip color for a bold red, or plain silver studs for long, bright pink earrings. The office isn’t about showing your most fun and crazy accessories, so I recommend using these items to take an otherwise toned-down office look into a dinner look.

While it may seem like business is your life, sometimes LIFE is your life! I love taking this dress from day to dinner… how do you make your office looks more versatile? Like the outfit? See more details here!

2 thoughts on “Day to Dinner

  1. Ashley, this is a great outfit and the perfect way to go from day to night during a work day! I LOVE pairing blazers with sun dresses or dresses that don’t have sleeves and are therefore not work appropriate. Not only can you toss aside the blazer to be ready for a night out, but it also extends your closet! Great job 🙂


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