5 Long Distance Tips for Dating Corporates

After this week’s posts on the latest social issues and campaigns, I figured it was time for a post on a lighter note! Today’s guest post talks about the intersection between business and personal and offers some tips for long distance relationships for busy professionals.

Mary Edwards is one of the contributors and editors for best dating sites. She is passionate about thought leadership writing, regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting and online dating community. She can be reached at via email.


Whether your significant other has relocated to a different city or you have met your match that happens to live a plane ride away, there are ways to keep your love life going. Working a corporate job keeps you busy and you already feel like you don’t have time for yourself, so how do you make time for a long distance relationship? Here are a few tips to get you through the distance:

Talk at Night: Instead of trying to chat on the phone at different times during the day, save phone conversations for the evenings once work is over. If you try to chat during your lunch break, chances are the other person is busy or has their mind their upcoming meeting. Set a time in the evenings to talk, you will find that you have a lot more to talk about instead of breaking it up throughout the day.

Set Dates: Set a date when you will see each other next. This requires a lot of planning on both parts. But take turns visiting. Depending on budget and distance, try seeing each other at least once a month if not more. Once you set a date to visit, focus on that date. It will help you get through that hard time of missing the other person.

Keep Work Out of It: Try to keep work out of your conversations. When one starts to talk about work it tends to turn into a venting session and eventually becomes the topic of your nightly conversation. When you are apart from your partner you want your conversations to be positive. Feel free to share exciting work news but avoid all other work related talks.

Send a Text: Normally texting isn’t the best for relationships but in a long distance relationship, texts are your mini relationship savers. Sending a text or two during their work day will put a smile on their face. Sending a ‘Hey, can’t wait to see you!’ or an inside joke will keep you in their mind during the day. Since you are not able to see them as often as most couples, little things like this really do help you and your relationship partner feel part of his/her daily life.

Video Chat: There are phone programs like Qik or Facetime for video chats. And for your computer, the popular Skype is a great program to use. Not being able to see your partner for a long time is difficult but the next best thing is video chat. Chatting daily or weekly via video will help you feel more connected.


Thanks for guest posting, Mary!

2 thoughts on “5 Long Distance Tips for Dating Corporates

  1. Great tips! Though K and I were both graduate students (albeit w/internships/jobs) when we did the long distance thing, we talked once a day at night (with a few text messages in between). Since we were both starving students, we only saw each other every other month. This lasted for about two years. It’s challenging, but it’s doable!


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