Brain Explosion

Every time I write a post about being uninspired, something happens that just makes my brain go crazy with ideas. I LOVE when that happens! Last night I attended my negotiation class and then headed to choir rehearsal. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why last night made my brain explode:

Exchanging ideas. The group presentation in last night’s class focused on how ethics influence negotiation, and opened up a wonderfully complex discussion about how ethics differ across cultures, ethics vs. legality, and whether retailers using discounts is actually a deceptive practice. Hearing everyone’s perspective forced me to consider the issues from several angles, formulate arguments on the fly, and reach across all the knowledge in my brain to reconcile different scenarios that were mentioned. I had a great side conversation with one of my team mates about retail marketing strategy, which spawned several blog post ideas for the retail space. It was a Medici Effect kind of class.

Flow. In The Happy Movie, they talk about the concept of flow, which is basically being “in the zone”. It’s when your whole being is focused on a task, and you’re re-charged by completing that task, even if it’s physically or mentally difficult. I had flow from 4:30 pm to 9 pm last night, with the energy of my class leading directly into my energy in choir. We’re rehearsing very technically difficult music for Easter, so I’m having to reach back into my knowledge of theory, sight-reading, and ear training. Singing is a very physical, mental, and often, emotionally taxing hobby, but when the harmonies mesh into a tight dissonance and resolve, it’s the most incredible sense of stress, relief, and accomplishment in just a few short minutes. Flow means that you’re getting satisfaction from just doing the activity for the sake of the activity. There’s no end goal, no purpose for the accomplishment, just pure food for the soul.

Additional action necessary. After a quick chat with my professor after class, I told her I’d send her some articles that related to our discussion. So, this morning, I headed out to the web to dig up the most relevant and interesting articles, which made mind go into a whole second set of connections and discussions. I also emailed our director about a few notes for the music, and it made me start thinking about two absolutely gorgeous pieces. I love when activities or events just push you to go further, instead of feeling satisfied that you’ve gleaned all you can from the experience. Last night’s class and rehearsal forced my brain to keep making connections, keep asking questions, and keep replaying the notes.

So this morning, I’m thoroughly energized and ready to kick some marketing butt! I’m also kind of jittery with anticipation for tonight’s finance exam, which is still a source of stress running in the background. My busy schedule alternates between invigorating and overwhelming, but I’d say last night re-charged me and hyped me up for a productive end to the week (and when that’s combined with the high from boot camp on Friday night? I can’t wait!). Have you had a brain explosion recently?

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