Your Best Self

Yesterday, I was exactly the person I want to be. You ever have those days? The days where you come home and you reflect on the day, and realize that you were the best version of yourself? I love those days! On the surface, you think those days are easy to come by, but when you dig down deep, you realize that you’re often settling for something less than your best self. So, how do you become your best self?

For me, I’m usually my best self on days that involve productivity and creativity at work, mental stimulation and challenge, and success in one of my hobbies. Again, on the surface, it sounds like an easy formula that everyone has. But for me, it’s not just about “getting work done”, it’s about the unique combination of creativity, variety, and project completion. It’s not just about “reading an intellectual book”, it’s about making the gears turn in my brain, and seeing connections explode across all my functional knowledge. It’s not about “attending rehearsal” or “going to the gym”, it’s about fine-tuning my talents and body, and making a break-through. Yesterday was that, the perfect storm of planning and execution to be my best self.

I arrived at the office by 7 am, to accommodate leaving early for class. I completed some website content updates, and then sat down to design a new ad… and the ideas were flowing. I finished 7 mock-ups in about an hour, and I would have been satisfied with any of them being approved! Then I headed to my first class session for my Negotiation and Dispute Resolution class, where I formed what I think will be an exceptional team for the group project. After checking out the requirements for the group project, I nerded out on the drive home about game theory, the science of lying, access to information, and all the intersections between those subjects. My mind was basically exploding with ideas by the time I reached my front door, and I’m still coming up with new facets this morning! When I arrived home, I changed clothes and headed to a kick-butt boot camp. After boot camp, I came home and hung out with my husband, telling him about all my ideas and projects and generally sharing my zest for life with the person I love most. I even ate healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday!

I came into the office this morning completely invigorated and ready to take the day by storm. Already, I’ve received information for two new projects, and I’m a ball of energy as I start to work on them. I feel like I’m going to have another day of being exactly who I want to be. The difference between my best self and anything less than my best self is astounding. It may not even be noticeable to outsiders, but I can see, feel, and experience the intense focus, productivity, creativity, and satisfaction that comes from being my best self. This is what it’s all about. The career, the education, the opening night, the sore muscles… it’s all for those days when I’m the best version of myself.

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