It Started…

Remember the name-change can of worms I mentioned last week? The brand insanity has started! I got a request for letter head first thing this morning, which forced the issue of the plans for a web presence. Since the letter head requires a website URL, I mentioned that a URL required some content. The problem is that, as I mentioned last week, the Parent Company’s website doesn’t really have a place for the new company’s information. I’m currently trying to create a website within a website, and it’s a little complicated.

The “Contact Us” page in the main navigation bar gives the information for the Parent Company’s employees. But, since those employees don’t handle New Company’s endeavors, we need a contact page for New Company. So, I’m making a link to the contact page for New Company that will live on the homepage for New Company.

The top-level navigation also proves difficult, because we’ve got an “About Us” tab, “Portfolio” tab, and a “News” tab. Where should New Company tab go? It needs it’s own tab, so that visitors can quickly find the information, but technically, it’s part of Parent Company’s portfolio. And, this will be the only tab in the top-level nav bar for New Company, which will probably confuse visitors that end up on pages that are linked from New Company’s homepage.

So, I’m currently mucking around in some website code, trying to figure out the best way to create, link, and organize all this other information. I’m also trying to either use content that was supposed to be for the Child Company that we originally branded, or create new content out of thin air. Top that off with a tiny little deadline off…. oh, whenever they send the letter head to a customer, and this is making for a crazy day! Tips for on-the-fly page creation are much appreciated!

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