My Corporate Life

I’m excited to continue the “My Corporate Life” series on the blog. My goal is to bring in some other corporate perspectives and career paths, so that we can all learn from some other corporate areas and environments. If you would like to be featured in the “My Corporate Life” series, please contact me for the details. I’ll be featuring the guest posts as time permits in my regular posting schedule, and I would love to hear from you!


This post was written by Anna Runyan, publisher of Classy Career Girl, a blog that provides advice to young professionals on how to be classy as they climb the corporate ladder. Her blog covers topics such as business chic fashion, career motivation, personal development, networking, and office etiquette. Connect with her and learn more about how to network at


A Day in my Life: Grad School Student/Consultant

6:00AM: I struggle to get out of bed, only two snoozes this morning. Fill my travel mug with coffee and quickly grab some breakfast. While I am getting ready, I check and answer emails. The day begins early since many of the people I work with live on the East coast meaning that I have way too many emails before I even make it into the office. You would think that would mean it would be slow at 3pm but nope; my client lives on the West Coast so I still have to be available into the evening.  I catch the latest news on the Today Show over breakfast and I am out the door.

8:00AM: My client is already calling me. I answer his questions on my way in.  Don’t tell my dad, he hates it when I talk on the phone while driving…

8:30AM: Telecon with our team in DC.

10AM: Answering emails and getting new emails.

10:30AM: Work with my client to help prepare him for an important meeting.

12PM: Finally leave the client site and head back to my office. I still have a lot to get done today! Looks like another lunch at my desk day.

1PM: Meeting with my co-worker to give input on my co-worker’s assessment.  After the meeting, I touch base with my study group to review a paper that that is due this week.

2PM: Meet with another co-worker to figure out how we are going to handle an urgent data call that we just received.

3:30PM: Finalize my expense report for my last work trip and make my travel plans for my trip in a few weeks.

5PM: Head to dinner at the Rady School of Management at University of California, San Diego.  Fortunately for me, the fully employed MBA program provides us with dinner before class so I grab some food and try to figure out last minute answers to the homework that is due today. I finish reading the case study I meant to finish during lunch.  Dinner is a nice break to forget about my mounting to-do list at work and to focus on learning something new. Who knows, maybe I can apply it at work tomorrow!

6:30PM: Class starts and for the next 3 hours I focus really hard and stay awake!

10PM: Home for the night. Catch up with my husband and American Idol before I go to bed. Thank God for DVR or I would not be able to keep up with work discussions tomorrow!

11PM: So much more I need to do but I know that if I don’t get some sleep, I will never be able to make it through tomorrow’s meetings.  At least I am one day closer to the weekend and to graduation!  Good night!


Thanks, Anna, for writing about your corporate life!

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