Finally Friday

Is it me, or has this week been particularly long? I think it’s due to the unusually short week for Thanksgiving. Either way, December is here, and the insanity gets even more intense! I’ve got a rehearsal tonight and tomorrow, a study session for stats, an apartment showing, and a concert… and that’s all before Monday! Here’s what I’m reading to kick off the weekend:


For those interested in personal finance (a real shock to this subset of the blogosphere, if I do say so myself!): Passing the Torch (via MMM blog) and So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (via ERE blog)

For those making the slow climb, via Seth’s Blog: Preparing for the Breakthrough/Calamity

For the introverts, via The Daily Muse: An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

For the those with salary dilemmas, via Corporette: What to Do When You Make More than Your Colleague


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