Before Internet…

How did we work before the internet? After a storm last night, the internet is down at our office. This means no email, no network, and no web. So, I’m sitting around with nothing to do. I could send some mock-ups for approval… oh, wait, no I can’t. Oh! I’ve been meaning to book a dentist appointment…. but the number is in my email inbox. Since I live close, I was finally sent home to the internet, but since the servers at the office are down, I can’t even login to the network from home!

So, how did we work before the internet? It’s such a game-changing innovation that we can’t even function without it. But, there was a time when people did work via phone, fax, and, gasp, face-to-face! A real live handshake to get deals done, and real human voices hashing out the details. I do think there’s some merit to doing things face-to-face, as it’s much easier to get things finished over conversation. It’s also much more likely that you’ll stumble on a new idea when you’re talking, instead of typing.

In short, I can’t really work until I get my internet back at the office. Who remembers what like was like BI? (before internet).

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