Happy Friday!

After last weekend’s study session obligations, I’m set for a fun-filled weekend of rehearsals and family celebrations. I’ll leave you with a link to a little preview of the music from the show and a little light reading:


For the performing artists, via SaveScrooge.com: Preview of Musical Numbers – A Christmas Carol (Last year they live-streamed the show, I’ll keep you posted if you’ll be able to get more than just a preview!)

For the marketers, via Forbes: Dropping Craig and Adding Mariah

For the entrepreneur, via The Daily Muse: SheMakes – Call For Vendors

For those who need more business, via The New Professional: Freelance Files – Open For Business (Read Angeline’s business cards, they’re so clever!)

For the female office dweller, via Corporette: The Bare-Armed Elephant in the Room (I found it interesting that someone flamed my sleeveless dresses in the comments, maybe warrants a whole separate post?)


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