Jewel tones and a black pencil skirt might be my new favorite combo!


Gorgeous necklace to add a little fun to such a conservative outfit.


Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT

T-shirt: Target

Cardigan: Target

Bracelet: Target

Necklace/Earrings/Belt: NY & Co.

Shoes: Alfani

Like the outfit? See more details here!


I’ve been working my way through the tactics that retailers use to partner with bloggers, and today’s post discusses the “freebies” that retailers give to bloggers and readers.

Giveaways are usually done from the retailer to the blogger, who then passes it along to their readers. First, the retailer gives an item to the blogger to work into their regular wardrobe, and often provides the exact same item to the blogger for a reader to win. Most bloggers require the reader to leave comment, Tweet the post, or like their Facebook page to be entered into the giveaway lottery. To me, giveaways are not as engaging as some of the other methods, as it only requires a quick one-line mention, instead of browsing through the retailer’s merchandise or store.

Contests, on the other hand, are a great way to engage bloggers and readers. Many contests include a story or picture involving the retailer, such as, “Tell us what items you love most at [Retailer], and how you would style them, to be entered into a contest to win a $100 shopping spree!” Or, “Send us a photo wearing an item from [Retailer], and you’ll be entered to win [item]!” I think contests get the readers thinking about ways to incorporate the retailer’s items into their daily lives, and may encourage them to step foot into a store. The more you can get a person to imagine your brand in their life, the more likely they are to purchase something from you.

Discounts are a great way for the blogger, reader, and retailer to win. When bloggers give discount codes, they are more likely to have that post re-Tweeted or posted on other social media sites, and their readers will be more loyal, in the hope that they’ll receive another discount code. The reader wins because they get reduced prices on items that they’ve already seen on their favorite blogger, and continuing to read the blog feels like a reward. Finally, the retailers win, as they have built-in tracking to measure the ROI, and a targeted audience for a discount, leading to a higher likelihood of purchase.

Freebies are popular among the blog community, and retailers are cashing in on this type of marketing strategy. Who doesn’t like a freebie? Like the outfit? See more details here!

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