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I’m excited to announce a new series on the blog, My Corporate Life. My goal is to bring in some other corporate perspectives and career paths, so that we can all learn from some other corporate areas and environments. If you would like to be featured in the “My Corporate Life” series, please contact me for the details. I’ll be featuring the guest posts as time permits in my regular posting schedule, and I would love to hear from you!

So, without further delay, I’d like to introduce Joe Kiszka’s Corporate Life. In addition to his day job, you’ll find Joe sharing some culinary insights on his quirky blog Dine @ Joe’s, and pursuing his MBA at UT Dallas.


What’s your title and industry?

My title is “Business Development Manager.”  I work for a global manufacturing company, specializing in electrical components.  I work most closely with three of our brands, though our “Commercial Data Communications” side:  Ortronics, Cablofil, and Wiremold.


Describe the top 3-5 skills that are most necessary in your position

-Problem Solving and foresight.  (Being able to think ten steps ahead through problems, a goal, or a plan and then execute those ten steps.)

-Communication honesty and transparency.  (Being up front a and clear about expectations and commitment, and being able to deliver that commitment.)

-Resourcefulness. (Could be a lot of things–including being able to answer any question thrown at you, or how to find and contact a person at a new target customer.)


What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

My job isn’t that closely “defined,” so it changes very rapidly.  For example, two weeks ago, it was consistency of marketing message and working with customers.  Last week, it was communication with partners.  This week, it could be something totally different.


What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

This is directly tied to the most challenging aspect, actually.  The fact that my job isn’t strictly “defined.”  Every day brings a new challenge, and it can be very rewarding.


What does career advancement look like for your type of position and skill set?

I’d like to be a manager someday, though I’m not certain what kind of manager. I would imagine my current career path would go from Business Development Manager, to a Global Account Manager, to a Director of Sales for one of the business units within my company,  to VP of Sales.  As for the timeline,  it’s largely based upon success and  personal capabilities to relative other employees. As you move up the ladder, you are responsible for a larger territory and direct reports, and ultimately, the division. I used to think I wanted to be CEO of a huge company, but the more I learn professionally (and the more I learn about life), I’m not quite as sure about that.  I may still want that, but perhaps on my own terms.

What’s the best aspect of your company culture?

The general lack of politics at my current company.  There’s still some, but it seems like management has been very open, honest, and approachable about everything.


Thanks, Joe, for writing about your corporate life!

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