Beauty and Detail

I’ve just returned from my trip to Las Vegas, and I was struck by the level of beauty and detail in each of the many hotels and shows! I’d say Vegas has one of the most successful marketing strategies in the world, and I’m going to give you a look at my trip over the next few posts.

I’m starting out with my surprise at the beauty and detail shown in the hotels. I’ve been to Trevi Fountain and the Arc de Triumph, and the Vegas replicas rival the real thing to a T. Further, the painting on the ceilings, marble-like statues, and gilt columns really give the tourist a sense of the old cathedrals and museums on the other side of the world. It’s amazing what we can do with technology today. You can literally walk down a street and see Italy, France, and New York in an hour!

As a marketer, giving people the “real thing” is a cornerstone for many campaigns… it’s one of Coke’s taglines! People return to Vegas again and again to try to find the new details that they missed on countless other trips. Many car companies, clothing retailers, and restaurants sell entire concepts and product lines based solely on their ability to provide beauty and detail to their customers.

In addition to the beauty in the hotels, many of the tradeshow booths featured gorgeous art and sleek marketing collateral. Aviation is often perceived as boring, technical, and ugly, which many companies proved wrong at the show. You can find artistic shots of engines, wings, and aircraft parts, all woven perfectly with the company tagline and benefits. I’ve been inspired to work on a new booth for one of our companies, insisting that there’s no reason to do things the ugly way when a beautiful way exists! Artistic shots of the details of an engine draw attendees in, and can make the difference between an empty booth and a busy booth.

Once again, I saw how beauty and detail bring people in by the thousands, literally! Part of the Vegas appeal is the ability to experience so many forms of beauty and detail in one small space. The desire for beauty extends beyond our entertainment, and straight into the corporate world, as the booths and marketing pieces demonstrate. Have you ever longed for a car just because it’s a work of art? Purchased a pair of shoes because they looked beautiful in the window? Marveled at the presentation of your food at an expensive steakhouse?

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