Good-bye Summer and Grades Are Up!

School officially starts on Wednesday, but since I’m taking classes on Monday and Tuesday nights, I get a few extra days off! It’s been a wonderful 3 week summer break, filled with time at the gym, time with my family and friends, and adventures with my husband. We attended “’til Midnight” at the Nasher Sculpture center this weekend, where we enjoyed live music and the movie “Up”, surrounded by sculptures! If you’re in the DFW area, I HIGHLY recommend attending September’s event. We’ve taken the DART train to downtown a couple of times this summer, and we enjoyed another date night at the Dallas Comedy House. The Dallas Comedy House is a collection of semi-professional and amateur comedians, with shows at 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm. If you go to the 9 pm show, you can opt to stay for the 10:30 show for $5 more! After some great laughs, we stopped in at Tucker’s Blues. We were a little pressed for time to make sure we caught our train home, so we only stayed for one song. However, we both agree that we need to go there for the evening, as the atmosphere and music were great! We’re heading on a backpacking trip over Labor Day weekend to the Lonestar Hiking Trail. I’ve never been backpacking before, so it’s been fun to buy our gear, work on planning the route, and figure out food and necessities. We’ve also spent many weekends grilling and hanging out by the pool, and we’ve attended several weddings and parties this summer. I’ve enjoyed my productivity at work, but it’s been nice to enjoy a lot of events this summer outside the office. Work-life balance… it’s important to corporate success!

Grades are officially posted, and I had a 4.0 for my summer classes! This makes me happy, as I was pretty concerned about Economics at the beginning of the summer. On another, I don’t have to take Economics ever again! This also makes me happy, as I’ve taken 3 classes for Economics, and it’s not my favorite subject. This summer semester puts my new GPA at 3.93… which is probably going to take a hit when I finish Statistics this semester. It’s a little funny, because my overall GPA in grad school is actually a little higher than my GPA in undergrad. I suppose it’s because the majority of MBA classes for the first 25-30 hours are similar to my undergraduate courses. A lot of my classmates are engineers, so the business courses are new to them. It’s been fun to share different perspectives, goals, and work environments, and I’m looking forward to having a few former classmates in my upcoming semester.

So, good-bye summer, and hello busy fall semester! In addition to my MBA pursuits, I’m reprising my role in a musical from last year, coordinating and attending our company’s biggest tradeshow of the year, and hopefully managing go live for 2 websites by the end of the year! How are you guys taking a break from corporate life?

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