Noticing and Immersion

Hello from Atlanta, GA! I’ll be here the next few days for a presentation and training session with our sales team, and I’m excited to kick off the week with the first presentation about our new Customer Relationship Management system. On the plane ride here, I noticed three little letters etched into the interior glass, “PMA”. “PMA” doesn’t mean much to those outside the industry, but it’s a pivotal point in our value proposition. Essentially, we offer “generics” for a lower cost in the aviation industry, similar to generic drugs. Sometimes we get push-back that generic parts aren’t up to the same standards as their branded counterparts, so it’s a little humorous to see, first-hand, that the commercial jets are displaying their use of generics. I never would’ve noticed that or thought any of it if I wasn’t in the industry. I’m finding that I start noticing planes and engines much more now that I work in aviation.

This happened with solar panels and electricity bills when I was doing marketing for a solar company. Suddenly, a lot of houses in our neighborhood had solar, and our electric bills were much more interesting. I’d end up in random conversations explaining the tiered billing system in different states, and talking about the differences between solar arrays.

I really enjoy this stage of knowledge, where I start to notice connections to my day job in everyday life. I think it’s kind of fun to be immersed in a subject, and randomly discuss the subject with non-industry people. When I realize I’m noticing things, it’s a clue that I’m getting some fluency in the area. As I don’t have formal training in either solar or aviation, the learning curve feels pretty steep, and sometimes, endless. Seeing those three letters on the interior glass made me a little happy to know that I’ve got a piece of knowledge that most of the passengers don’t have. And, I can explain the importance of this knowledge if asked. I’m excited about the meetings this week, and I think noticing something related to our value proposition was a perfect start!

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