On Fluff and Intimidation

I was talking about ways to improve my blog with my husband, and he was trying to find the best way to tell me that my site a little…. shall we say… boring and a little intimidating. It doesn’t hurt my feelings for him to say that, but it does make me wonder how I can make it less boring and intimidating. Basically, he lands on the site and there’s a giant block of text in front of him, which just screams “boring” and “WOW, that’s a lot of text, I don’t have time to read all that!” So, readers, do you feel this way too? I’m open to suggestions here, as I don’t write solely to see my own words 🙂

I think the first issue, is that I don’t want to write fluff. I want to provide some background, insight, thinking points, etc., and I guess I feel like a lot of short writing often turns into fluff. Then again, I read Seth’s Blog, and his concise posts are always pretty informative. However, his posts also tend to be very abstract and high-level, and sometimes I like to get down into the nitty-gritty heart of things. I think I need to find a way to better allocate my words, so that I don’t lose the meat of the message and turn into fluff, but I don’t intimidate or bore my readers with huge walls of text!

One solution to the “many words” problem, is to use more pictures. I commented several months back that I wanted to add more pictures to the blog, and I’ve been successful with the outfit posts. However, I never include pictures on “regular” posts, and I’m not sure why that is. Part of me doesn’t want to post a picture just for the sake of posting a picture, and so I avoid pulling stock photos just to put something up. Then, I don’t use original photos because those take time to snap, upload, edit, etc., and I guess I just don’t see the point of all that work, just to say that I’ve put a picture on the blog. These reasons appear to be a question of value… apparently, I don’t think pictures on the blog add value. The marketer in me would scoff at this suggestion in any other context, as I truly believe people much prefer imagery to copy. And yet, here I sit, typing away, without any pictures (yes, I realize the irony of this post being a little long and sans pictures!) My husband pointed to this deodorant post as a perfect example of a time that a picture would’ve been much more useful than the block of text I used to describe the situation, and I completely agree that this post provides great motivation to start adding pictures to provide background or context.

In short (again, with the irony), I need to avoid BOTH fluff and intimidation! It appears I’ve substituted one problem for another in my attempts to provide meaningful, thoughtful, and compelling content. So, I’m open to suggestions… what would you like to see?

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