Quick Turn Times

So, the Dallas Mavs won the championship! I’m not a sports fan at all, so this didn’t rock my world, but a lot of people went pretty nuts about this event. So nuts, in fact, that they bought championship t-shirts the night of the game or the morning after the game. It makes me laugh, because you’ll hear from companies that they can’t turn products that quickly, or they can’t get them delivered that quickly. Incorrect. They should be saying, “For what you’re willing to pay me, I can’t turn it that quickly or deliver it that quickly.” Clearly, they were able to get something done, as shirts were for sale on Sunday night after the game. Granted, there’s probably some hedging of bets by printing and delivering shirts before the outcome is known, but even then, it proves that with the right mix of time and money, companies can achieve quick turn times. I’d be interested to see how the “gamble” goes when making shirts that depend on out the outcome of a game. At what point do they start buying the materials and printing the items with an educated guess that one team will win? Or, are they really just that fast at printing the items and getting them shipped? I don’t think it’s the latter, as there are some things that just take a certain amount of time, like shipping. If your center is located an hour away from a retail store, there’s really very few options to decrease that time. Then again, you could have all your centers in operation, vs. just a small number that are further away from the destination. Either way, the infrastructure and tooling are available to make turn times a moot excuse for companies. It’s just interesting from a marketing stand-point and sales stand-point. It’s rarely a matter of “if it can be done”, but rather, “how much are you willing to pay to get it done?”

One thought on “Quick Turn Times

  1. Matt Faus

    I’ve heard world travelers tell funny stories about seeing poor people in other countries wearing t-shirts that praised the losing team for winning the championship.


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