When You’re Just Too Busy!

So, today is supposed to be an outfit post, and I should have posted some great insight into business and marketing on Monday and Tuesday. But I was just too stinkin’ busy! My brother got married this weekend, and I celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary with my husband! I use the word “celebrated” loosely, since our actual anniversary day was spent in a graduate economics class for me, and stuck at the office for him. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend with my family, and managed to find time to grill some meat on Memorial Day! My tips for when I’m just too busy:

Do things in advance. This one seems like a no-brainer, but I’m guilty of putting things off until their deadline, and sometimes just forgetting that I’ve already done this step. For example, I’ve got a few blog posts in the queue that I could’ve put up over the last few days. I totally forgot that I had them tucked away for a rainy day, until I got on this morning to write this post! The same is true for cooking. When I’m super busy, it’s the first thing to go. That’s why grilling for the whole week, or making one big meal and storing the leftovers is a huge help. Schedule some time to do things in advance, so that when the insanity hits, you’re already stocked up on some of your necessities.

Walk Away. I’ve talked before about the need to walk away if you hit a block on a problem, and the same is true when you’re busy. It may seem like the best way to get un-busy is to keep being more busy in the short-term. But as your focus slips and your stresses increases, your productivity decreases. Schedule time for breaks for meals, sleep, and generally unwinding. This was how I spent Memorial Day, just attempting to relax a little and allow myself time to refresh, before I jumped right back in to my busy schedule.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. The other “first” thing to go when I’m busy, is cleaning the apartment. Dishes in the sink? Not as important as class. Laundry in the dryer? Not as important as this project at work. Generally keeping the house in order? It can wait. I’m less sensitive to clutter than my husband, so sometimes he’ll pick things up just to make himself feel less stressed. But, feeling like you have to do it all perfectly all the time is completely unrealistic. It’s not worth the brain power to keep these thoughts running in the background when you’re trying to focus on much more immediate tasks. I have to tell myself to just let it go sometimes.

So, this is not terribly insightful, but sometimes you just need to hear a simple reminder that it’s all going to turn out fine in the end! I’ll be back later this week and next with some more interesting posts, but for now, I hope you’re enjoying a slightly less busy life this week!

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