Personalizing Customer Service

We’ve had two rare customer service experiences recently… rare in that they were personal and good! Sad to say, but these two components are usually missing from customer service interactions, so prepare to also be blown away by what we’ve experienced!

First, after my husband went to get his Tolltag, he received an email requesting that he take a short survey to give feedback on his experience. We’ve all had these requests, but the difference was that they asked him to specifically provide feedback about the person who helped him by name, to ensure that she could improve her service! I think this is great, as it helps pinpoint problem areas that are consistent in one customer service agent, as pointed out by several customers that she served. It’s also great to give HER glowing reviews, instead of the agency at large, since “the agency” didn’t actually serve you, a human did. It puts a personal touch on a seemingly faceless organization, and it helps solidify that they are really trying to serve their customers, not just make a profit.

Next, my husband received a HAND WRITTEN thank you note, signed by an engineer, from! IMPRESSIVE. He upgraded his account after using their service for two years, and they responded with a personal note to thank him for his loyalty and increased interaction with the company. We felt compelled to write them a personal note back, just to say that we appreciated their note (we didn’t, by the way, so this blog post can serve as a shout-out to them).  No one writes personal notes these days, so when you receive one from a company, it really makes an impact. It shows that you took the time to think of them personally, instead of sending a form letter to show that you “sincerely” care.

I’ve talked a lot about making a personal connection, and these companies really managed to blow me away with their ability to do just that. Lesson learned? Call people by name and hand-write notes to REALLY knock their socks off!

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