100th Post and Grades are Up!

Well, I’m officially posting my 100th post on the blog, and coming up on the two year anniversary of the launch! I know there are many more prolific bloggers out there, but 100 posts is pretty amazing to me. I’ve still got some drafts in queue, and it makes me feel good to know that I’ve been able to talk for 100 posts about my career and industry! This post also comes just before the six-month mark on the switch from Musing Marketing to Consciously Corporate, and I have to say, the switch has been well worth it! From what I can tell on my stats, I’ve almost doubled my traffic by broadening my horizons, and I’ve been receiving a few more comments and Tweets about my posts. I’ve been able to use this tool to connect with classmates, friends, and the blogging community at large in a much more effective way. The ideas flow more freely now that I’m looking at every situation as a potential blog topic, and I’ve been able to bring some of these “aha” moments into my job and my school work. All in all, I’m quite proud of this 100th post!

On another note, grades are up! I’m also proud of this first semester in grad school, since I tackled one of my weaker subjects with success! I ended up with an “A” in Consumer Behavior, “A” in Financial Accounting, and “A-” in Managerial Accounting. Based on the graduated scale for calculations at UTD, my GPA for the semester is a 3.86! This puts me slightly ahead of my graduating GPA in undergrad, and I’m hoping to continue this trend for the remainder of my MBA. However, statistics and finance will definitely be more challenging, but I’d like to stay right around the 3.75-3.8 range if I can. I start my summer courses next week, so I’m excited to continue my progress on the road to graduation!

So, exciting times on the blog and the real-world this week! Websites going live, grades posting, blog milestones… what’s next? Let me know what you’ve accomplished lately, it’s kind of fun to brag once in a while 🙂

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