Chipotle BOGO

Have you guys seen this Chipotle BOGO deal? Apparently, it’s been going on for about a week, but I’ve been in class, so I missed it! However, it’s an interesting marketing situation. They’ve partnered with a TV show to be able to generate buzz for the show, and increase customers for Chipotle. Is it working? Well, when I arrived at Chipotle for lunch today, then line was LITERALLY out the door and wrapped half-way around the side of the building. I haven’t seen the viewership numbers for “America’s Next Great Restaurant” yet, but my guess is that this promotion will help them out at least a little. Brilliant partnership marketing, and makes me happy with a win-win-win situation! Chipotle wins by increasing their sales in the short-term, and hopefully increasing long-term sales by getting people hooked on their food. The TV show wins by getting more eyeballs on their trailer and more buzz for the show, which will hopefully increase viewership. The customers win because they get reduced pricing on their food.

Also, I like how they’ve used social media to get this going. They’ve created a whole Facebook campaign, and you can watch the video directly in Facebook. Twitter is showing several people sharing the deal, which I also shared via @ashleyfaus. It just goes to show that we’re more connected than ever, and word travels fast. This is especially effective for quick or short-term deals that hit the younger generation. A reality show and burrito combo? Sounds like a perfect combination for social media marketing!

My gut-check says this was a smart partnership for both companies, and I know I’m going to play into the marketer’s hands by checking out the trailer to get my BOGO!

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