“Glee” returns… Let the Social Media Begin

I watched the season premiere of “Glee” tonight on Fox, and oh how I love it! Also, can we talk about how they brought in Idina Menzel? SO excited about that. But, enough with my music and theatre love, let’s get down to the Marketing.

“Glee” was the 4th highest trending topic on Twitter, and logging into my Facebook account showed “Glee” related status posts all over the Home page. There are already comments on the premiere episode at Fox.com, and news stories come up in the search engines to discuss the genius Marketing by Fox. “Glee” has over a million fans on Facebook, and several thousand people like their wall posts. It’s a social media marketer’s dream and success story. The thing is, all this talk is turning into a huge fan base that recruits more Gleeks. The buzz also kept the fan base alive and growing during the show’s four month hiatus, and positioning after “American Idol” is set to sky rocket season premiere viewership.

I checked out “Glee” on Bing, and the first search result gave me this link to CNN.com, which talks about the Marketing and audience for the show. I’ve also been impressed with the show’s ability to cross audience barriers, bringing in people of all ages. I got my mom and dad to watch the show with me tonight for the first time, and my mom’s first comment was that they had done an excellent job reaching different people. She’s not a Marketer, but even she can tell that there’s something different about the premise and execution of this show. To add my two cents to the online buzz and loyalty, I encourage you to check out “Glee” if you haven’t already. If not for the music, then at least for the water cooler conversation at the office tomorrow!

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