What’s in a Word: Going Green

I’m in a word mood I guess, because this post also deals with word choice in advertising. While walking to the elevators at Adobe corporate, I noticed a 3-section bin with the following labels, “Compost”, “Recycle”, and “Landfill”. Most bins in the Bay area have a place for trash and recycling, and some also include compost. But, so far, Adobe is the only one I’ve seen with the label “Landfill” instead of “Trash”.

For some reason, I find this to be a little humorous. I understand that we all need to do our part to be green, and recycle or compost when we can. They take it a step further by reminding us where our trash ultimately ends up, and it just strikes me as funny. The makers of this bin must be using this word choice as a small guilt trip to those depositing waste in the trash bin, in the hopes of making them remember that they are contributing to a growing problem. I wonder if using the label “landfull” actually makes people stop and think, change their behavior, or chuckle a little. Then again, maybe no one notices… would you?

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