The Winning Line-Up

Think what you will, but I must admit that I’m a “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” fan. And, when a new show, “The Deep End”, premiered on ABC, I started to get hooked on that too. Then, the Marketing wheels started turning, and I thought back to my college days of investigating placement for different SKUs in stores. You want your products at eye-level for the consumer, and you want to cross-sell and up-sell different items together. It seems this is also true in television, and they’ve managed to sell me another show.

“The Deep End” definitely appeals to the same audience as the shows it preceeds in the evening line-up. I think it was an intentional and brilliant move to put it directly before “Grey’s” and “Private Practice”, and core audiences from both shows can start their evening earlier. Also, since it debuted later in the season, viewers can use this show as a “fix” while waiting for the next season of the other two shows. Viewers always complain during the lull between seasons, so giving them a snack should help quell their appetites and their frustration while awaiting the arrival of their beloved shows. It’s a win for ABC, as viewers stay hooked and in-tune with the network. More viewers, more often, equals higher ratings and more ad sales for ABC. This is a pretty obvious connection, and networks do it all the time… I’m just particularly interested because I see how Marketing and strategy worked on a personal level. I always enjoy this realization, as it gives me time to analyze why I feel that way, or why this tactic sold me. As I settle down for my new evening line-up, I have to give some credit to ABC… you pegged me right 🙂

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