Make ‘Em an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Have I talked about the brilliance of Michael’s? Michael’s is one of my favorite craft stores, and I usually enter with anticipation, and leave with my hands full of wonderful scrapbooking materials. And the best part… my receipt is a coupon for 40% an item, valid for the following week!

Let’s talk about why this is so brilliant. First, it’s a really good coupon, and generally catches my attention. Second, it’s in a form that I usually take anyways, so there’s no extra piece of paper for them to try to force me to take. Third, it’s valid the very next week, so there’s an instant gratification piece for me, and a returning customer each week for them. Fourth, most crafters can’t have just one, so if you can get me in the store again, I will probably buy several items. Fifth, it just makes me happy 🙂 I know those are 5 quick reasons, but such a simple idea really makes me feel good as a crafter, and thoughtful as a Marketer.

I think this is a great example of an offer you can’t refuse that also benefits the bottom line. When you give customers extra reasons to come in to the store or make a purchase, they are much more likely to do just that. It sounds really simple, but you have to balance the amazing offer (aka: giving things away just to attract people) and the bottom line (aka: buy 100 and get 1 free!). I think Michael’s has done a superb job, and I will continue to enjoy this offer I can’t refuse 🙂

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