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    Work and Office Archives:

    I just had a thrilling first in my career… managing a website go live! I’ve been on this project for almost 4 months now, working with a third party programmer and an internal team to get the final product, a brand new website, pushed out. It’s been a long time coming, and I was excited [...]


    So, I’m excited to report that I FINALLY had an “aha” moment with accounting! As a marketer, I am generally averse to all things accounting, as I find it boring and completely useless for my day-to-day tasks. I know, all the numbers people out there are shocked, and I’ve probably lost all credibility, but this [...]


    I’d like to give a big welcome to Angeline from The New Professional today! She’s written a great post on volunteering at work:   Hi folks! Angeline from the New Professional here.  I’m stoked to be writing a guest post for Consciously Corporate. As a relative newb in the workplace (about four years out of [...]


    A big thanks to Nicole at EmployedPanache for inspiring and sharing the Photo Job Shadow Project! The premise is to take pictures throughout your day to give some insight into what your job looks like. So, here’s a quick look at my day as a Marketing Coordinator. I skipped all the waking up and getting [...]

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