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    June, 2012

    Archive for June, 2012

    I was tasked with collecting biographies and head shots for our technicians in the shop. The plan is to send the customer an email at each stage of their engine overhaul with a little bit of information about who is doing what to their engine. We deal with many overseas customers, so it’s hard to [...]


    I’ve had some interesting conversations and read some interesting articles recently that made me wonder if you should even go to college at all! Obviously, I value the piece of paper, as I’m currently working on my MBA, so I’ll end up having more college than the average person. And, that’s the point, right? To [...]


    As you know, I just returned from a wonderful 13-day vacation. My husband and I did a road trip around Texas to make our way to a friend’s wedding in El Paso, and we went without cell reception and internet for several days at a time. What an odd sensation, to be unplugged for nearly [...]


    Well readers, today’s links are all the same: albums from my recent vacation (fear not, we consolidated it down to 15-20 pictures per album)! What does this have to do with business, you ask? PLENTY, as you’ll see in a few upcoming posts. On a broad note, the concept of sharpening the axe is a [...]

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