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    Friday for All!

    It’s officially the holiday season, and I’ve got a busy weekend ahead. I’ll be spending most of my time at “A Christmas” Carol rehearsals, and trying to finish up addresses for my personal Christmas cards. What preparations are you making this weekend?


    For those considering life happiness, via Corporette: How Your Career Affects Your Happiness (or: are there any happy lawyers?) (great comment thread for all industries, not just law)

    For those looking for spring internships, via The Daily Muse: Internship Horror Stories (and how to avoid them) (a big thanks to my sister and another anonymous grad for their quote contributions!)

    For those balancing the budget, via Give Me Back My Five Bucks: The Cost of Doing What You Love to Do

    For those needing a work culture change, via The Richards Group: The Peaceable Kingdom

    For those wondering how lazy colleagues survive, via Forbes: How to Get Paid to Do Nothing


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