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    Friday For All!

    It’s been a start-and-stop week, going from fast-pace to sluggish-pace every few days. I’ve got some Stats studying to do, and rehearsals start for “A Christmas Carol” this Saturday! I’m so excited to get back to the stage… it’s been too long :) So, let’s kick off the weekend with a few good reads:


    For the entrepreneurs, via Business Insider: Why Do We Praise Start-Up Fundraisers?

    For those considering more education, via TIME: The Myth of the Millionaire College Dropout

    For the social media maven, via The Daily Muse: Own It! What Facebook Timeline Means for Your Identity

    For the less senior, via Business Women’s Finishing School: Managing Up


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    2 Responses to “Friday For All!”

    1. That’s so exciting that you’re picking up performing again! What made you get back into it?

    2. Ashley Faus says:

      ProfessionGal, technically, I never really stopped performing. However, my stage time has been significantly reduced during my pursuit of the MBA :) I’ve been performing since I was really young, so even if I’m not acting, I’m singing every Sunday and Wednesday at my church.

      I’m reprising my role in this production of “A Christmas Carol”, and picking up an additional cameo from last year :) If you go to http://thecreativecap.wordpress.com/ (a super old and neglected blog project), you can see some of my past shows and creativity :)

      You can also check out http://www.fausphotography.com/Photography/A-Christmas-Carol/15351115_cSvgcN#1148612245_HiiMW for pictures of last year’s show :) Pardon the length of this reply, but I LOVE some musical theater… once you get me started, it’s hard to stop!

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