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    Finally Friday!

    It’s been an interesting week at work, and I’m pretty ready to kick-off the weekend. I’ve got boot camp, craft night (attempting to knock out 50 handmade Christmas cards tonight!), and helping my husband and his brother recover from their 100 mile cycling adventure, the Hotter ‘n Hell 100 in Wichita Falls. What are you up to this weekend?


    In case you missed it, my article on The Daily Muse: 5 Extreme Behaviors to Avoid

    For those considering leaping into the unknown, via The New Professional: Smart Risks and Looking Before You Jump

    For those looking for some work-life balance, via Corporette: How to Keep Your Work Life Separate from Your Personal Life

    For those wondering about the Apple and Steve Jobs Transition, via Forbes: Apple Has Momentum


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    2 Responses to “Finally Friday!”

    1. I’m so glad I found your blog! :) Sounds like you’ve had a jam-packed weekend. Hope you enjoyed it! I am DREADING getting back to work tomorrow…womp, womp, wooommmp.

    2. Angeline says:

      Thanks for the shout-out, hon! We finally got our stuff delivered (finally) and am now digging out from all those boxes. Should be fun. :)

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