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    July, 2011

    Archive for July, 2011

    Marketers always want to be the most innovative, most creative, most quick to change, make the most increase in sales… generally, we want the MOST success, however that is measured. Sometimes, we get so caught up in OUR quest for the most, that we forget what most of our CUSTOMERS want or need! Maybe most [...]


    I’ve seen several commercials lately that involve letting real people test a product, without telling them the brand of the product, and seeing their reactions. While there is usually some inherent bias and skepticism, I generally think these tests work well. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed the Dove body wash test and the Suave Professional Hair [...]


    Happy Friday… let’s kick off this holiday weekend with some links!   For the marketers, via Time: Green Lantern and Mattel: Friends with Benefits For the advertisers, via Forbes: Going Digital For the up-and-coming, via Corporette: How to Network with Older Women For the money conscious, via ERE Blog: The bill-paying cycle Like the links? [...]

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