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    Acronyms and Industries

    I learned something new in class last night… apparently, in some industries, CRM means “Customer Returned Material”. Essentially, a customer is returning some material that you sold them because it is broken for some reason. I learned this from a classmate who is an engineer, and we were discussing projects at work. I mentioned that I was working on a big CRM project, and he replied, “Oh, so lots of customer returned material?” Wait, what? Clearly, we’re not on the same page, as I think CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. I’m wondering if there are other meanings for CRM that a marketer and an engineer wouldn’t know? This happens a lot across industries, so I’m interested to hear if any of you have acronym mix-up stories to share!


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    1. [...] First, I found out that I’m basically completely different than all my colleagues. Well, I already knew this! A few differences that I am well aware of: I’m a girl, I’m young, I’m “creative” instead of “technical”, I’m fast-paced and “hyper”, and I have no experience in the industry instead of 15-25 years’ experience in aviation. These obvious differences present their own challenges, but the brain dominance test revealed that I prefer to look at the big picture, instead of focusing in on every detail. Literally ALL of my colleagues are more detail-oriented vs. considering the entire picture. Neither way is right or wrong, but it sheds a little light on a particular challenge I’ve been facing with the implementation of the CRM. [...]

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